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"Arduino GPS shield GPS record Shield GPS Module SD car  
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It is based on NEO-6 u blox 6 GPS module and its pins are compatible with Arduino/ MEGA board.
Conventional GPS pin can connect to D0-D7 of Arduino. Install easily several GPS receiver, and you can find your accurate location within a few meters. Meanwhile, GPS can supply very accurate time. It can be used in many aspects , such as automobile navigation, individual location, motorcade management and marine navigation.
1、Using positive GPS aerial
2、Setting TxD and RxD by the jumper and connecting to Ardino pin(alternative D0-D8),acquiescent location of jumper cap:D2<-->RX,D3<-->TX
3、TF cassette,SPI interface, supporting Arduino libraries
4、With reset button,resetting directly the Arduino  baseplate

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